The Plumber, Inc.


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1779218_217131738494130_1667165786_nMichael Lindberg first started plumbing in 1994. He earned his Journeyman Card in 1998, and he went out on his own in 1999. Michael has been married to Lynda since 1997; the couple has 8 children and 2 grandchildren that keep them busy. Michael says that he likes plumbing because it’s always challenging and he is always learning.

Jack Gustafson has been in the plumbing trade for 6 years. He earned his Journeyman Card in early 2014. He is a husband and father who loves the outdoors – fishing, hiking, and evening walks with his family. He is dedicated to his work and the everyday learning experiences that come about. He enjoys plumbing because of the satisfaction of helping others when they are lost or confused. Jack is always excited and ready to meet new people and see the smiling faces of everyone around.

Call Michael and Jack today for all of your plumbing service needs!