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Plumbing Services

watch Issues? We are here to fix them for you!

Whatever problems your plumbing may have, The Plumber, Inc. is here to fix it for you. Everyone knows and hates that annoying and incessant drip from a bad faucet. A quick call and The Plumber, Inc. will get rid of the problem for you and let you have a good night sleep. While faucets are one of the most common problems, the highly seasoned staff at The Plumber, Inc. have seen it all and fixed it all. Our expertise runs the entire gamut of plumbing issues. Michael Lindberg and his highly qualified team at The Plumber, Inc. can deal with those cracked and leaky pipes, malfunctioning toilets, ceilings and wall leaked repairs, sump pump repair and replacement. We also have maintenance agreements. Call us today for more information!